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Our Mission 

Our mission is to empower young women to create change in their community by providing them with leadership skills and mentorship as we develop community service projects, programs, and fundraise to help youth and families in need.





How it started...

In 2011, Pamela McKenna, the founder of One Heart to Another, joined together with one of her middle school students to develop a Bible study and support group for the 8th-grade girls during lunch. This group quickly grew into a safe place for young women to build friendships, receive support, pray together, and give back to their community. 


As the first generation of girls moved to high school, Pamela felt compelled to continue their group and mentor these young women to love themselves and others, offer her support and guidance throughout their challenging high school years, and instill in them a passion to make a difference in their community. The vision of starting a nonprofit began in April 2016. In September 2016, this vision finally became a reality and One Heart to Another began after many months of research, planning, and help from the community. She decided to continue hosting the group at her home once a week. Over the course of these weekly meeting, the girls organized and participated in various community service projects, including starting their own Christmas Angels Project in 2015.  


President/Founder: Pamela McKenna 

Secretary: Leslie Carmichael

Advisory Board

Jill McElvy 

Laurel Linder 

Jill Vanni 

Rebecca Vidito


Marketing: Lisa Bruce 

Youth Board 

Olivia Tropea

Danielle Mills 

Skylar Nicholson 

Jesse Nicholson

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